Welcome To Maternity Associates

Maternity Associates is a group of registered midwives (Lead Maternity Carer, LMC), each caring for her own clients but working together to offer women on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast the best possible experience and care when they are pregnant.

The midwife cares for the pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy, helping her and her family to decide the type of birthing experience she most desires. The LMC  will continue to care for the woman and baby until four to six weeks after the birth.

Midwives care for well women, having well babies, and should any problems arise, will refer women to an Obstetrician. At Maternity Associates, an Obstetrician is available for a consultation, at no cost to the women being referred.

A referral can be made to an Acupuncturist or to a Paediatrician if required.

Advice on antenatal classes run by experienced childbirth educators for those parents preparing for the births of their first babies is also available.

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